Paterson, the quietly philosophical tale of a bus-driving poet, is one of 2016's best films

Great poets are masters of words, but their most finely tuned skill is often simple attentiveness: to the matches on the kitchen counter, the water slipping over the boulders in the falls, the beer softly frothing in the half-drunk mug.

In Jim Jarmusch’s outstanding film Paterson, a poet named Paterson — who drives a New Jersey Transit bus in Paterson, New Jersey — spends his days in the same simple rhythm of work and home. But he notices things, and we notice them too: the matches, the water, the beer, and also the conversations of the people who ride the bus, and the pictures hung on the wall of his home, and the people in the bar around him. He writes poems about them in his spare moments: before starting his route for the day, on his lunch break sitting near Passaic Falls, or while sitting alone in the basement.

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